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IBragg Stockton Ultimate Baseball Training System iis on sale for the new season.  Get the 5 DVD set for only $60 plus $7 shipping and handling!  Get the individual DVDs for only $15 plus $5 shipping and handling!  Get them NOW before the season starts!!!!  Click the Skills and Drills drop down box above

Wednesday, 6pm @ Episcopal - Challenger Football
 Thursday, 7pm Klein vs Klein Forest @ Klein Memorial
Friday, 7p @ St. Johns v Episcopal
Friday, 7pm @ HoustonChristian v EHS Dallas
Saturday, 12pm @ KippNE v Kipp Generations
Saturday, 12pm @ Provision v Kipp Houston


This Week Houston Sports Football Games Videotaped

Bragg Stockton Ultimate Baseball Training System

The 2015 Football Season is in full swing!
Episcopal played St. Thomas & Won

Houston Christian Played 2nd Baptist 
Varsity and Won!

Need HoustonSports to Videotape Your Game? Call 832-372-9459

For over 27 years Terry Burdick has covered team and individual athletes and helped create team and/or individual highlight dvds.  We cover all sports from football, baseball, basketball, swimming, wrestling, softball, lacrosse, gymnastics, track both boys and girls events.  We also produce and develop non sporting events such as political forums and product development spots for all mediums.  Call today.

The Ultimate Baseball Training System authored by Bragg Stockton and produced by Terry Burdick is again available to purchase through our website.  Terry and Bragg worked for over 2 years to perfect the absolute best baseball training system for players (boys and girls) ages 5-18 years old. For Girls you can use everything except for the pitching dvd.  The information included in the dvds are timeless. Although Bragg is no longer with us the work he and Terry put into the DVDs are still the best baseball training system around today. There are 5 DVDS.  You can purchase all 5 or build your library 1 DVD at a time. To purchase your own Bragg Stockton Ultimate Baseball Training System  Click Here

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